Our office is always looking for new and exciting ways to get involved with our community and we try to do something new and different every year.

One constant is our wonderful dental hygiene education program – Our Dental Hygiene Educator, Sherri Okerjhelm will probably be stopping by your school, office, or community event this year to discuss proper oral health care and prevention so our children have healthy and beautiful smiles. Look for her or ask our office how we can get Sherri and her wonderful and educational presentation to be at your next big event.

We recently attended a scoreboard dedication for Parkway Christian School as some of our advertising helped provide the school with revenue to help the children have a better learning and living environment.

Our office became Macomb county’s sole provider of a new dental technology called “Acceledent.”  This system helps orthodontic treatment to complete faster by providing a stimulation to the teeth, gums, and supporting bone so that more cellular activity is present to move the teeth.  Drs. AJ and Ari are proud to feature this safe and easy treatment modality to assist our patients in finishing “braces” early.

We have provided outreach dentistry – helping children through “Healing the Children”: Katlynee Veliz-Leal, a 5 year old Guatemalan girl, was flown to the United States for urgent eye surgery.  Separated from her parents and under the care of a guardian at “Healing The Children” organization, she has been receiving care at Children’s Hospital.  Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Curt Ralstrom was informed she had dental needs and he offered to take care of Katlynee’s dental care at Children’s Hospital at no charge.  Because of the compassion of the doctors at Children’s hospital and the wonderful organization, “Healing The Children,” Katlynee will return home with better vision and a perfectly healthy mouth.  Kudos!

Dr. AJ became a continuing education provider for the state of Michigan.  Look for him to be in the community helping to educate other dental professionals on the latest topics in Orthodontics.